The Search functions return Behaviors and Constellations that match your search. Click on a Behavior or Constellation to read its description and to view the annotated video, and/or audio examples. The number of video examples of each Behavior or Constellation across all Contexts is given in parentheses.

Use the Combined Dropdown Search to find Behaviors or Behavioral Constellations by: behavioral context; age and gender; part of the body actively used; and, mode of communication. Under Sounds of Elephants select Acoustic-Vocal for elephant calls or Acoustic Non-Vocal for Behaviors or Constellations that include an acoustic component, such as ears slapping against the body or bodies rubbing against one another. Use the Free Text Searches to submit words that may be included in respectively name/descriptions, or video captions, of all Behaviors/Constellations. 

Each photograph in the slideshow below has a caption with the name of the Behavior or Constellation it illustrates. A click on the photograph will take you to a description of the Behavior or Constellation documented with video and/or audio examples. The slideshow contains around 130 selected Behaviors and Constellations of the over 425 described in The Elephant Ethogram.

Alphabetical Search

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