ElephantVoices is fully dependant on the generosity of elephant friends to carry out our long-term elephant research, conservation and welfare work. By supporting the efforts of ElephantVoices you can make a difference.

Our priorities for 2018 are:

  • Continue elephant monitoring and conservation work as leaders of the Gorongosa Elephant Project, Mozambique.
  • Complete the video expansion of our unique online databases to document the full repertoire of African elephant behavior.
  • Engage in collaborative research on elephant communication and culture.
  • Continue our long-term fight against the ivory trade, the trophy hunting of elephants, and the capture of elephants for captivity.
  • Provide science-based advice, statements and affidavits on elephant conservation issues and welfare cases.
  • Initiate and support collaborative efforts to improve the conservation of wild elephants and the welfare of those in captivity.
  • Engage with the media to contribute toward a better understanding of conservation issues and interests and needs of elephants.
  • Educate and advocate through ElephantVoices.org, our social media accounts and collaboration with other educators.
  • Continue our support of and work with Elephant Sanctuary Brazil and Global Sanctuary for Elephants, as Co-Founders and Partners.

ElephantVoices is a small organisation with Co-Founders Petter Granli and Dr. Joyce Poole directly involved in field work and all other activities listed. Only a tiny percentage of incoming support is used for administration and fundraising. Every contribution helps elephants.

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If you prefer to donate by cheque please make it payable to ElephantVoices and send it to:
1160 Battery Street, Suite 300,
San Francisco, CA 94111, United States
Attn: Margaret McCarthy (For contact, cell: 1-415-675-6733)

ElephantVoices is registered as a non-profit public charity in the State of California and is in the US exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service. Donations, bequests, devises, transfers or gifts are, therefore, fully tax deductible in the United States. EIN-number can be provided upon request.

Please get in touch through email if you have any questions regarding our work or a possible donation. If you're in the US you may as an alternative call Margaret McCarthy on 1-415-675-6733.

Thank you for caring about elephants!

Trumpets, Joyce Poole & Petter Granli

ElephantVoices is a
GuideStar Exchange Gold Level Participant,
as a demonstration of our commitment to transparency.