ElephantVoices' Mara EleAppThe Mara EleApp is a customized app designed by ElephantVoices in 2011 for the collection and upload of observations of the Mara elephants. The current 2.9 version built for Android-based cell phones was published 24 February 2016. Uploaded observations are stored in the Mara Elephant Who's Who & Whereabouts databases. You have to be approved by ElephantVoices to contribute data and/or to use the databases.

You can find the app on Google play, and download/install it directly on your Android device. You will there also find quite a few screenshots giving you some help in understanding how the Mara EleApp works. You may alternatively find the app by scanning the QR code to the right of this page with a barcode scanner on your Android-based smartphone (the free Barcode Scanner works well).

A number of people living and/or working in the Mara have been trained to use this App to collect and upload elephant sightings.

To retain the integrity of the dataset, ElephantVoices/Elephant Partners has the right to edit observations or to unpublish any we believe are irrelevant.

Agness Kilena, guide at Basecamp Maasai Mara, checking out the Mara EleApp. (©ElephantVoices) Daniel Meipuki, Patrick Koyati and David Ntiyani in the Loita Forest, learning to use the Mara EleApp by Joyce and Petter. In the enlarged photo they are very happy when first real record (sign of elephant) is saved successfully. (©ElephantVoices) Training of scouts from the Mara Elephant Project on Mara North. (©ElephantVoices) Ana Zinger and Junia Machado, visitors and Mara EleApp users from Brazil. (©ElephantVoices) ElephantVoices' Joyce Poole working with Mara EleApp on Mara Conservancy. (©ElephantVoices)