An adult female acting as if she is in estrus, or simulating estrus, in the presence of her first time estrous daughter or granddaughter. While not in estrus, the female adopts estrous behaviors in the presence of males, such as Wariness and the Estrous-Walk, and Runs-Away from them together with her young estrous relative, typically leading her. 

References: Poole & Moss 2008Bates et al 2010. (Full reference list)

This behavioral constellation includes the following behaviors: Back-Away, Chin-Up, Ears-Stiff, Look-Back, Purposeful-Walk, Retreat-From, Run-Away, Tail-Raising, Walk-Away and occurs in the following context(s): Advertisement & Attraction


Context: Advertisement & Attraction (1)

This is a very long clip of a mother Simulating-Estrus in the presence of her first-time estrous daughter. The mother is not in estrus. The mother has been circled at intervals throughout the clip so as to help the viewer focus on the correct individual. We arrived to see two large males in musth looking for an estrous female and heard an Estrous-Roar. Musth male Paolo (with a flop ear) went in search of her. Suddenly from behind the palms a mother comes running as if in estrus (Chin-Up, Retreating-From, Ears-Stiff), followed by her young daughter who is Chased by a teenage male. They try to outrun him but he Mates her (out of sight). Paolo catches up with them and immediately the mother acts as if in estrous again and Retreats-From, Chin-Up, Ears-Stiff with daughter following her and Paolo and other males following the estrous female. Though the mother keeps her distance from the males, even Running-Away Tail-Raising, the daughter is seemingly naive and does not keep up with her mother and is caught by a second male who Mounts her. Luckily Paolo catches up and the male dismounts.

Meanwhile, the mother has stopped, Looking-Back and Waiting for her daughter. Again she initiates a Retreat-From, her daughter following her mother. Then Paolo catches the daughter and Mounts her. Her mother reaches out to sniff them both and then begins to Retreat-From again, Tail-Raising. As Paolo attempts to Mate, the mother Waits, Tail-Raising. As he dismounts, unsuccessful, the mother begins to Retreat-From again with her daughter following behind her. The mother leads them all in a big arc around and back where they came from, her daughter right behind her. When we catch up with them again Paolo is testing the daughter while the mother Waits, Looking-Back. Then the mother initiates a Retreat-From again and her daughter follows her, and males again follow the estrous female.

Throughout this sequence of clips it is the mother who is acting most demonstrably as if she is in estrus, yet it is the daughter who is of interest to the males. This behavior has been observed many times by mothers of first time estrous daughters. (Amboseli, Kenya)