The magnificence and behavior of elephants stirred the artistic creativity of our early ancestors as they covered the walls of caves with their images. Elephants have inspired artists - writers, poets, sculptors, and painters, since prehistoric times and continue to do so today.

It should come as no surprise that there are individuals within the ElephantVoices circle who draw artistic energy from elephants. You'll find a few examples of that below.

On a frequent basis we receive messages from people who are inspired by elephants and what they find here on ElephantVoices - we're happy to know that the wonders of elephants are spread in a variety of artistic forms.

Elephant Girl, novel by Coco Hall

Elephant Girl, a 117 page graphic novel, published in April, 2009, is based on the life of Calle, who was euthanized by the San Francisco Zoo in 2004. Intertwined with her story is that of a young girl, who lives a parallel life. Both kidnapped in India as children, smuggled to the United States, they find themselves the prey of an unimaginably foreign world. The emotional tale rises upon the girl’s determination to free them both and return to India.

The book is written and drawn by our dear friend, previous board member and generous supporter Coco Hall.

The price is $12.95, plus $4.00 in shipping and handling. (Within the US). All proceeds go to ElephantVoices. Donate through Network for Good, and mail us your address and the receipt, and we will ship the novel as soon as possible.

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Thank you for caring about elephants!

Joyce's pen and ink elephant drawings

The Musth WalkYou might enjoy checking out some pen and ink drawings that Joyce drew for her PhD thesis in 1982 to illustrate the postures of musth males, and others that she drew for her book Coming of Age With Elephants: A Memoir, published in 1996. You can check out the drawings on the "Joyce's elephant drawings" page. In print the size would vary from approximately A4 (ca. 11,7" x 8,3") to A5 (ca. 8,3" x 5,8").

You can receive a zip-file (4,3 mb) as e-mail attachment (with a set of 14 drawings for US$ 25, and thereby give valuable support to ElephantVoices.

Donate US$ 25 through

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mail us with the receipt and we will mail you
the zip file with all the drawings.

Thank you for caring about elephants!

Paintings of elephants and more by Joyce

Joyce finds peace from a continuous flow of e-mails, phone calls and other elephant-related stressors, by painting.

A selection of prints are available online. You can view and order them through AmericanFrame.

"Battle for Supremacy".
Painting by Joyce. (Link to American Frame)

Elephant bronze sculptures and prints

Buy a bronze sculpture or prints from our long-term supporter Doug Aja. Doug is an artist living in Vermont, USA, and has African wildlife and the African elephant in particular as his true passion. He visits East Africa and Kenya regularly. Part of the proceeds from the sale of his wildlife art is donated to ElephantVoices.

Doug is a Member of the Artists for Conservation (AFC) - an efficient channel through which to buy his art and support our work. If you buy from Doug directly, please inform him (or us) that you went through ElephantVoices!

Dionysus, made famous in the BBC film, Echo of the Elephants, was one of Joyce's focal Amboseli males.