Roar and Roar-Rumble

Roar-Rumble (F1200152)

In Amboseli, Amy's one-year-old calf emits a noisy-roar-rumble, as a lion pounces upon it. Amy and Alison immediately whirl around to rescue the calf, keeping the lion at bay and calling for reinforcements with powerful roaring-rumbles (see section on Group Defense).

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Rumble-Roar-Rumble (F1101137)

In Amboseli, Chyulu is in estrus for the first time and being followed by musth male, Macaroon. Charlotte is acting as if she is in estrus, too (but is not), and is chased over one kilometer in a wide circle by a young male. Charlotte's three-year-old calf is distressed by the separation from her mother and emits a rumble-roar-rumble.

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Roar-Rumble (C3403100)

In Amboseli, infant, Explorer, gives a noisy-roar-rumble, after Eudora pushed him away from her hours-old infant. Explorer's mother responds by coming out of the swamp, where she was feeding, to comfort him.

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Roar (C3311724)

In Amboseli, Eudora's hours old newborn calf is pushed and kicked by an adult male and roars in distress.

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