Cadence-Rumble (C2404246 series)

This series of cadenced-rumbles involving Echo, Enid, Erin and Edwina is part of a series of calls that follow a long series of let's go-rumbles by Enid in which she moved her family out of the Ol Tukai exclosure. A greeting takes place once the family has reassembled outside the exclosure and then Echo, Enid, Erin and Edwina begin discussing. Ella and her sub-group want to head north to the causeway and swamp. Echo is trying to get the group to go west to Ol Tukai Orok. Eliot is with Eudora who can't decide which group to join. Enid decides to head toward Observation Hill and calls let's go. Negotiation and disagreement continues between the three groups for more than an hour. Finally, Echo gives up and follows Enid toward Observation Hill.

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