Dear Friend of ElephantVoices,

We are getting close to the Holiday Season, and, hopefully, a tranquil 2020. At ElephantVoices we look forward to be back in Amboseli in a few weeks time to continue our study of the behavior and communication of elephants. Our focus will be to supplement the video exemplars we have of the over 300 behaviors we have described in The Elephant Ethogram: A Library of Elephant Behavior. We are slowly, but surely, getting closer to its launch, with the library already populated with over 1,300 videos. We expect it to become an important resource for anyone interested in or studying elephants, and we do believe you'll enjoy visiting it to learn more about their complex lives.

As a teaser for Giving Tuesday we are sharing with you one of the educational videos we have created. The video documents an example of Elephant Giving, a behavior that we call Food-Sharing. Elephant mother Nalakite subtly shares two bits of her twig with her two sons, who have been nagging her, rather rudely, for some of it. This link, or a click on the screenshot below, takes you to Vimeo, where all the close to 2,000 clips will be hosted, while the fully searchable and thoroughly described Elephant Ethogram will be available on ElephantVoices.

We are very appreciate of your donation in support of our work for elephants. It is thanks to your generous support that we are able to make a difference for these remarkable animals. Please visit our donation page to make a donation now!

We wish you a peaceful pre-Holiday and Holiday Season!

Warm wishes, Joyce and Petter