Dear Friends of ElephantVoices,

We want to share with you a little film we created for #WorldElephantDay 12th August, based on footage from our work in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. The film has been shared close to 4,500 times, and has so far reached almost 450,000 people. We hope you'll enjoy it - and we're grateful if you share it with friends.

Thomas Stafford and Selengei Poole-GranliWe are currently working intensively toward the inclusion of video in our revamped online elephant Calls and Gestures databases on that will be merged into The Elephant Ethogram: A library of African elephant behavior. With over 300 behaviours and calls to document with video exemplars, this is a monumental task. Based on a groundbreaking agreement with the Gorongosa Project, production company Off the Fence and Bob Poole Films we have access to hundreds of hours of raw footage. Joyce is mining it for particular behaviors, describing each context, and writing captions; Tom Stafford is selecting the 5-10 best examples of each behavior, editing and adding educational features to each clip; Selengei Poole-Granli is working to build awareness through social media, and Petter is working with our Kenyan programmers to design our new database and will be populating it.

During the upcoming months we will be uploading/integrating close to 1,500 educational video clips, together with several hundred audio recordings and photographs. We really look forward to share this unique resource with you - knowing well that many of you have supported some of the research and field work that provides the basis for it!

Once The Elephant Ethogram goes live we will be sharing the same material via social media and other avenues, as well as reaching out to collaborate with educational institutions. Our overall goal is to document the complex and diverse behavior of elephants for scientists and others to study, compare and share, in a unique, fully searchable database. We believe such a data repository will be a valuable resource for the scientific community and inspire interest in elephants and conservation in the public domain. Elephants and their habitats are declining fast and just hitting people with the bad news, makes them turn away. Through science-telling we aim to motivate people to care and decision-makers to take action.

We are extremely grateful for the generous support from Crystal Springs Foundation, WildiZe Foundation, National Geographic Society Marshall Frankel Foundation and other friends toward this endeavour, which we aim to complete during 2019. We would greatly appreciate any support toward the final phase of the project. Get in touch if you want to learn more, or visit our donation page.

In gratitude, Joyce and Petter

Screenshot ElephantVoices film Tribute to Elephants

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