Frequently Asked Question

How can zoos better contribute towards the conservation of elephants?

Enlightened zoos contribute toward conservation by providing direct support to conservation initiatives in the wild and, to a certain extent, by positively influencing the public’s attitudes towards wildlife, in general, and conservation efforts, in particular. There are a number of zoological societies that are leading light in conservation research and they deserve credit for many years of excellent work.

From the perspective of the elephants held captive, a truly enlightened and excellent zoo is one that accepts and implements actions which hold the interests and well being of the elephant first and foremost. As far as we are aware, there is no zoo today that fulfills this commitment, primarily because zoos are primarily for the benefit of people.

For those zoos that cannot achieve the standards necessary to meet the needs of elephants, a good alternative is to present the captivating world of wild elephants through an advanced multimedia elephant information center.

Live web cam connections to elephant conservation projects in different parts of the world; interactive tools that show the elephant’s physical and behavioural features, including their complex communication; big screens illustrating the different habitats of the three species; 3-D technologies and IMAX - there are numerous exciting options. The