Frequently Asked Question

You continue to promote the concept of an e-Zoo, or an elephant exhibit without real elephants. Can you explain?

An excellent alternative to a traditional elephant exhibit in a zoo is the creative presentation of the captivating world of wild elephants through an advanced multimedia elephant information center.

Live web cam connections to elephant conservation projects in different parts of the world; interactive tools that show the elephant’s physical and behavioural features, including their complex communication; big screens illustrating the different habitats of the three species; 3-D technologies, CGI and IMAX - there are numerous exciting options. The entertainment industry would eagerly take up this challenge, and could obviously make a replica of any selected elephant micro-environment. We would applaud such an approach and be willing to collaborative in an exchange of ideas!

Since captive elephants are extremely expensive to keep, and their housing tremendously costly to construct and maintain, the funds necessary for a multimedia venture should be available. The educational value of a facility like this have the potential of being far greater than an exhibit with a couple of desultory elephants in a small enclosure.