Frequently Asked Question

It is possible to combine keeping elephants in circuses with decent elephant welfare?

No, it simply isn't. Summarized the reasons are:


  • Elephants in circuses are confined and chained for literally hours on end
  • Through physical punishment and the threat of its use, elephants in circuses are trained to pose in unnatural, difficult and partly painful positions
  • Elephants in circuses are moved, in unbearable heat and below freezing temperatures, from city to city chained in flatbed trucks and in boxcars
  • The recruitment of elephants to circuses mostly happens through separating calves from their mothers at an early age followed by gruesome disciplining and abusive training
  • Elephants in circuses are removed from companions to be bought and sold, and frequently moved about
  • Circus elephants have no level of autonomy over their lives, to the extent where they are trained to defecate into a bucket on command
  • Circus elephants often have to eat, sleep and defecate in their cage