A combination call that starts with a Roar (see Roar) and is followed without inhalation by a Rumble (see Rumble).

References: Stoeger-Horwath et al 2007; Poole 2011 Pardo et al 2019. (Full reference list)

This behavioral constellation includes the following behaviors: Roar, Rumble and occurs in the following context(s): Advertisement & Attraction, Calf Nourishment & Weaning, Conflict & Confrontation, Courtship, Protest & Distress


Context: Calf Nourishment & Weaning (1)

Walli is feeding on grass with two calves by her side, a newborn and a 5 year old male. The selection starts with the older calf exhibiting Solicit-Suckling and begging with a Grumbling-Suckle-Rumble. Just as he manages to Suckle, Walli moves forward, pushing her body into him in a Reject-Suck and he is thwarted. Meanwhile her infant also Solicits-Suckling on her left side, but just as she begins Suckling (Double-Suckling), Walli moves forward. The infant runs forward between her legs and she uses front foot to try to guide her back. She again walks forward blocking the five year old male and he complains. Then she Reject-Suck-Kick - swinging her back leg out at him unsuccessfully.

The male tries again (giving a Suckle-Grumble-Rumble and Cry-Rumble) and she stops and both suckle (Double-Suckle) - briefly because she then uses both front and hind leg to Reject-Suck-Kick and he gives a very complaining Roar-Rumble. She walks on and the 5 year male runs around the back and tries to access form the other side. The newborn sees that male coming and gives a couple of Husky-Cries and Runs-Away. (Maasai Mara, Kenya)