A Trumpet given in protest to some unpleasant or disturbing. It may often be given in association with Head-Shaking and is a sign of an individual's annoyance with or disapproval of an individual or circumstance. We only have a couple of examples of what we would call Protest-Trumpets, one given in water, and they sound very different from one another. For the moment, therefore, the term Protest-Trumpet is a catch-all term for Trumpets given in the context of what appears to be disapproval, annoyance, indignation at some unpleasant or disturbing incident or circumstance, as opposed to an Alarmed-Trumpet given in response to something that causes fear or alarm. It remains to be seen whether such trumpets are statistically different from one another.

References: Poole & Granli 2021. (Full reference list)

This behavior occurs in the following context(s): Social Play, Protest & Distress


Context: Protest & Distress (1)

Mama Little E, Little E (14 days old) and Lorato are out of sight in some bushes with a couple of young, troublesome males. A loud calf Roar is heard and we guess that Little E got frightened or hurt by one of the young males. Mama Little E and perhaps Lorato respond with a Coo-Rumbles. Mama Little E Backs-Towards the others trying to rescue Little E. She looks alarmed and she gives a loud Protest-Trumpet.

Allomother, Lorato, steps forward using a Guiding gesture with her trunk. She is with Little E. Lorato adopts a Suckle-Stance and Touch-Breast as if to show him where to Suckle. Mama Little E comes rushing forward. The male follows and Tusks Mama Little E and then put his Trunk-to-Genitals of, first, Mama Little E and then Lorato. Lorato Touch-Self looking apprehensive. The adolescent male Tusk Mama Little E again and then he runs trunk along his own tusk to Check-Tusk. He contemplates, then scratch ear and then Tusk Mama Little E up the bum a 3rd time. (Maasai Mara, Kenya)