For permission to conduct research in Amboseli National Park over many years we thank the National Research Council, the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Wardens of Amboseli National Park. Our many colleagues and collaborators have our deepest thanks for their commitment, support and friendship. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with these individuals and to learn from their experiences.

We are grateful to those organizations, companies and individuals who have made possible our Elephant Partners conservation initiative for the Mara elephants, launched in 2011. We also greatly appreciate our collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Service, the Narok County Council, the conservancies and group ranches, the Mara Elephant Project and other stakeholders of the Mara ecosystem and its elephants. See Acknowledgements within the Elephant Partners section for the full picture for this particular initiative.

We very much appreciate the close collaboration and friendship with so many of those involved in the Gorongosa Project and the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, where we have been working since 2011. The holistic approach toward the Park, it's wildlife and the surrounding communities is an inspiration and a role model for conservation.

Many thanks go to our current and previous external Board members: Dr. Cynthia L. Jensen, Dr. Andy Dobson, Coco Hall and Paul Klingenstein.

In addition, we warmly thank our many supporters whose kind words and financial and in-kind assistance keep us moving forward.

Elephants in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. (©ElephantVoices)